What WE Offer


Menu Innovator

0-90 Day Pipeline Builder
Rapid Cycle Learning & Testing Process
Culinary Breakthrough platforms
Core menu innovation
Virtual Brand Builder


Margin Builder

Menu and recipe optimization
Ingredient Sku optimization
Menu engineering
M&A 100 Day Margin Accelerator


Concept Innovator

Menu evolution process
Brand Leap Innovations
Re-branding/ Concept re-innovator
Proof of concept Validator
New Concept Creation


BOH Performance Optimizer

Complexity assessment and solutions
Process streamlining
Labor redeployment
Kitchen line flow/ layout enhancement

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COmprehensive Culinary consultancy

At JWD Consultancy, we focus on providing a range of services to help you optimize your menu, design your kitchen, and develop new or relaunch existing brands. We also offer comprehensive culinary operations and training, along with a menu optimization process that ensures you get the most out of your menu. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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