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Jennifer Oler

Former President, Willie's Grill & Icehouse

Jim was instrumental in taking us from strategy to implementation on our menu.  He understood the brand and consumer needs which is the key to getting the right items in place for success.  It was a pleasure working with him as he listened to our research and we brainstormed on what was needed or missing.  He really understood what the concept was all about and delivered what we were looking for.

Dorothy Muszynska

Former Director of Marketing

Bevolution Group

Jim is an excellent strategic and creative partner. He is among the best in the industry when it comes to menu strategy, trends, and innovation. Jim is able to balance problem solving skills with creative skills, and has an extensive network of partners and food industry professionals. Bevolution Group collaborated with Jim on a project to create innovative, on-trend recipes for our Tropics Mixology brand of cocktail mixes. We have received many compliments; the quality of Jim’s work speaks for itself. I highly recommend Jim as an awesome partner on any of your strategic and/or creative culinary and mixology projects.

Jim Goggin

Senior VP Food service Groups

Ventura Foods: 28 Years / 38 years in the industry

I have worked with Jim Doak throughout his career in the foodservice industry and have experienced Jims leadership and capabilities in various roles.From the early days developing menu offerings inside the industry leader in the casual segment, to working alongside him on the Nation's Restaurant News Advisory Board in an effort to bring flavor back to the forefront of the conferences ,my time working with Jim , have been not only productive, but fulfilling both personally and professionally. Jim, has been steadfast in his efforts to create " great tasting food that exceeds the guests expectations " .He believes that flavor and food experiences are the cornerstone of the hospitality industryWith his experience in product development , and menu concept work , to creating craveable food offerings, Jim has a keen sense of identifying the need , developing a comprehensive strategy ,and clearly the most important element - executing against the objective. His experience, talents , vision, and most importantly his passion are the keys to his success

Annie Akin

Former President: Patrick Henry Creative Promotions

Jim is an innovative solution seeker, able to turn any project into a culinary and cost of goods success with an innate understanding of the business of food and beverage. He has the unique ability to be a creative collaborator, idea originator and marketing savvy operator, giving his partners, clients and executives plenty of gold to work with. He can easily operationalize boutique, complicated and bespoke concepts to work across large scale operations and come up with easy solutions for the usual complications. This combination is one that is both rare and highly valued. It was a pleasure to work with him and we look forward to future projects. 



Jim is the very best creative and R&D Chef in the business. Leading large teams from concept to execution, individually providing insights and consultation on food and beverage, and partnering with agencies like ours, we give Jim our highest recommendation here at Norton.

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